Gilbert, Arizona

Neighborhood Shopping Center
$4,100,000 1st Trust Deed

The Borrower acquired this REO the prior year with short-term capital and needed additional funds to execute its business plan. Although the property was only 4% physically occupied and comps were sporadic, B&A was able to get comfortable with value by its knowledge of the submarket. B&A was also able to accommodate the borrower's request for a non-recourse loan with partial releases and TI/LC draws.

Los Angeles, California

Multi-Family Portfolio
$8,000,000 1st Trust Deed

The portfolio of multi-family properties consisted of 5 affordable housing buildings in the City of Los Angeles. The Borrower, a non-profit organization, planned to acquire controlling interest in the ownership entity in order to achieve its goal of preserving affordable housing stock. B&A was able to underwrite the Tax and Bond financing exit strategy and validate the borrower's overall business plan.

Tiburon, California

Non Owner Occupied SFR
$10,550,000 1st Trust Deed

As the luxury 15,500 SF home on the San Francisco Bay was nearing completion, the Borrower needed to repay multiple maturing loans and allow for time to market and sell the property. B&A was able to approve a cash-out for the Borrower and worked with other debtors for a partial payoff of liens as well as accommodate subordinate debt.

Long Beach, California

10-Unit Condominium Development
$2,500,000 1st Trust Deed

B&A Capital Partners financed the $2.5 Million completion of the 10-unit oceanfront condominium development in Long Beach, CA. The Borrower acquired the property and completed over 80% of the improvements. The 12-month loan allowed the Borrower to shorten the time to completion while providing flexibility of selling or renting the finished units. The loan also preserved the Borrower's liquidity, allowing him to maintain business plans for his other projects. B&A was able to underwrite the deal based on its unique location and various exit scenarios. B&A underwrote the construction completion and funded the loan within 3 weeks.

Irving, Texas

142-Unit Multi-Family
$2,150,000 1st Trust Deed

B&A financed the acquisition and improvements required by the Borrower to stabilize an underperforming property in an otherwise stable submarket. Although the occupancy was below stabilization, B&A was able to quickly underwrite the deal based on its knowledge of the market. The Borrower approached B&A to seek more favorable terms than their previous lenders. The loan represented a 68% LTC and funded in 3 weeks.

Encinitas, California

Luxury Condominiums
$15,000,000 1st Trust Deed

B&A Capital Partners financed (at a 75% LTV) the borrower’s purchase of Pacific Station, a 47-unit residential condominium project located on Pacific Coast Highway in Encinitas, CA. The project is the residential component of a mixed-use development which includes the first Whole Foods in North San Diego County as its retail anchor.

Henderson, Nevada

Neighborhood Shopping Center
$3,000,000 1st Trust Deed on REO Purchase

B&A funded this REO acquisition which the Borrower needed to close within 3 weeks of executing the PSA with the Bank seller. This distressed asset was 58% vacant in a challenged retail market; however B&A was able to get comfortable with the borrower’s business plan and ability to execute in leasing up the property.

Los Angeles, California

Multi-Family Complex
$4,000,000 1st Trust Deed

Borrower was seeking flexible, short-term bridge debt while finalizing Bond financing. All of the units are Section 8, providing rent subsidies in the form of Housing Assistance Payments (project based). B&A Capital Partners provided financing at 70% Loan-to-Value on this traditional multi-family asset and successfully closed the transaction in four weeks.

Beaumont, California
RV Self Storage Condominiums

1st Trust Deed on a Note Purchase

The borrower was able to purchase the developer's $5.6MM construction loan at a 40% discount with the assistance of B&A Capital Partners debt financing and subsequently enter into a deed-in-lieu with the developer to obtain Title. The property is a "broken condo" project because 12 of the 108 RV Self Storage Condominium units have already been sold; however B&A Capital Partners agreed to allow partial releases of the remaining units in order to be paid off. B&A Capital Partners was able to successfully supply financing in less than 3 weeks from the point the initial package was received.

Las Vegas, Nevada
112 Unit Multi-Family

1st Trust Deed on a Discounted Note Payoff

The borrowers were able to negotiate a 33% discounted payoff of their existing note but had been unable to secure conventional financing to close the deal. The borrowers had already extended their options to purchase and had 3 weeks before their deposit was forfeited. B&A was successfully able to get comfortable with a challenged product type in a depressed market and fund the loan prior to expiration of the purchase and sale agreement.

Gilbert, Arizona
Commercial Business Park

$4,000,000 1st Trust Deed
with a Tenant Improvement Reserve

The borrower had originally developed office condominiums but with the turn in the economy decided to convert the project to "for lease". As a result the borrower needed a TI Reserve to fund the build-out for future tenants. The existing note-holder agreed to subordinate so the developer could finish the lease-up. B&A Capital Partners successfully supplied a loan and TI Reserve to the borrower in a highly challenged market.

Las Vegas & Reno, Nevada
Two existing neighborhood shopping centers

$6,350,000 1st Trust Deed

The borrower was able to negotiate a short sale with his conventional lender after a maturity default resulting in a significant discount. B&A Capital Partners successfully funded 88% of the discounted note purchase and closed the transaction before the incumbent conventional lender could foreclose on the properties.

Los Angeles, California
264 unit single room occupancy apartment

$4,900,000 1st Trust Deed

The borrower was in forbearance agreement with their current lender but had an offer to purchase the property – they did not want to conventionally refinance because of the prepayment penalties and were seeking flexible terms. B&A Capital Partners successfully closed the transaction in three weeks.

Austin, Texas
104 Unit Class C, two-story garden style multi-family.

$1,500,000 1st Trust Deed

Borrower’s bank was recently taken over by the FDIC. The Borrower was able to negotiate a discount on the existing note but needed to close within two weeks. B&A was able to underwrite the property, tour the property and fund the loan within 5 Business Days (5 days prior to the FDIC’s expiration date).

Lynwood, CA
60 Unit garden style multi-family.

$2,800,000 1st Trust Deed

Due to the current state of the capital markets the Borrower’s institutional lender froze their line of credit. The Borrower needed to reposition the property and required “cash-out” in order to take care of deferred maintenance and stabilize occupancy. B&A was able to provide 75% Loan-to-Value, and funded with 14 business days.