Borrower Loan Application

Properly completed and executed. Click here for a printable 1003. Click here for a 1003 form you can fill out and send electronically.

Loan Summary:

Just the basics in summary form – explain the request and purpose for loan as well as proposed exit strategy. Be sure to include current debt on the property.

Contact Information:

Please include Principal's Name, Company, Address, Phone and email.

Please include Broker's Name, Company, Address, Phone and email.

Credit Authorization:

A credit authorization form must be completed for all Borrowers and Key Principals or credit report if reasonable current and available.

Property Information:

  • Last two years, plus year to date property financial statements.
  • Detailed Rent Roll
  • Copies of leases
  • Color pictures of property

Appraisal or Complete Property Description:

If you have an appraisal, even an older one, it will help provide a detailed picture of the property and its value as of a certain date. At the very least, please provide an accurate description of the subject (parcel size, square footage, bedroom count, view, etc…).


Include any purchase, sale or option contracts/agreements relative to loan as available.