B&A Capital Partners (BACP) is a Los Angeles based Direct Real Estate Private Money Lender.

BACP is a venture between Greg Belzberg and Brian Shniderson, successful real estate investors teaming together to utilize their wealth of experience and expertise in real estate acquisitions, development, renovation, management, and finance to provide specialized capital solutions.

Private Money Financing and Trust Deed Lending

  • We are a Short-term Bridge Lender. Private money loans are typically short term (6 to 36 months) and based upon the protective equity in the property as well as the financial capacity of the borrower.
  • BACP loans are needed when a transaction's closing, timing or other requirements may not meet the underwriting guidelines of regulated banks and institutions.

BACP Advantage

  • We are a direct lender with our own capital.
  • Closing time as quickly as five business days
  • Simple loan documents.
  • In-house loan underwriting and servicing.
  • Capital not subject to regulatory constraints and limitations.
  • More flexible and creative than institutional capital.
  • In-depth understanding of local markets and real estate.
  • We protect brokers and take pride in nurturing long standing relationships.

Why the Need for Private Money Loans

  • Need for quick funding for time-sensitive transactions.
  • Circumstances making it difficult to obtain a bank loan (e.g., capital market constraints, excessive conditions imposed by lender, etc.).
  • Need for more flexible terms than a bank can offer (e.g. no pre-payment penalties, allowing cross collateralization, allowing release of collateral with partial pay downs if more than one parcel, etc.).
  • Out-of-favor property type (i.e. for-sale condominium complexes) by traditional lenders with "follow the herd" mentality.
  • Property has characteristics making it difficult to underwrite and obtain a bank loan (e.g., rehab/re-position projects, below market rental rates, lease-up periods, construction cost overruns and delays in property business plan execution).

Loan Types

  • Financing Short Sales and Note Repurchases.
  • Quick close opportunities.
  • Rehab and repositioning.
  • Property acquisitions.
  • Partnership buyouts.
  • Value-add opportunities.
  • Equity cash out.
  • Foreclosures and workouts.
  • Recapitalization of development deals on short term basis (3 to 12 months).